A twenty something wanna-be writer publishing whatever that comes to her head. This blog is a personal reflection of the ‘thought-process’ that takes over the mind of a person stuck in the millennial. In a world where one cannot utter the words, ‘struggling to establish communication’, here I’m admitting that I’m genuinely failing to get along with the with the internet.

The blog does not contain perfectly thought-after pieces, so if you’re taking inspiration, this hot mess should be your pit stop, number one. I’ve attempted to make the blog as visual as possible, adding footnotes and anecdotes of the accounts and travel journeys I’ve endured so far.

That’s all there is to me. Btw, if you’re an arduous tea lover/dog parent/bookaholic, send me a little love in the ‘contact’ box. If the weird world of internet blogs do not cooperate with you, get in touch with me on my twitter and instagram handle.

Anbudan (Love),




2 thoughts on “About”

  1. I think you already have a story to tell, keep telling it, a little at a time – the bits and pieces that make up your day and your life, the simple changes you want to see and the dreams that you have. It will be great!

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