Random thoughts and bokehs

Random thoughts and bokehs

I edited one of my favourite bokeh photos today. I pictured this in Dalhousie en route from khajjiar. Anything written in old typewriter font will be kick-ass amazing. 🙂


Going to Promise land..


The sea and us! We are perfectly alike. We are filled with life, so is the sea. We cry when we feel broken, so do sea rage in storms. We are soft and happy like the waves. We are determined and sufficient. We are from an ever loving mother, and so does the sea fill the earth like a big cozy blanket. The sea maybe ordinary; it may vary in its shades of blue, but it is deep to the varied extent we’ll never know. And when the sun goes up, and shines through the day, the endless crashing of the waves, bustling fisher folk, men bathing half-naked, the smell of dead fish and the sun kissed morning,….all of this was what made my sunday morning special.

I have craved enough. For good and great things. And the one in which I never settle is when I have to explore new places. New routes and new destinations. New people, new flavours of Indian tea. Yeah, that’s where my heart goes. Late after school hours, I came home exhausted on saturday. I couldn’t take my nap as I had washed my hair and an oncoming sinus warned me not to! So I had to while away my time and spent it on girly things. I watched two movies and tried to close my eyes shut when it was 7. My mom came in, with her ever loving tired eyes, and kissed me on my forehead and asked me how my day was. My regular complaints followed it with her patiently listening to it while she shut her eyes tight and relieved herself from her office-home-stress. She asked me what my plans were for the day tomorrow (sunday). I was like, “The usual. Just stay home, watch TV. Play movies and stuff. ” I was lethargic with my reply and I knew nothing great was going to happen. And then she started, “Well, then we should go to Kovalam beach” My jaws instantly dropped. Its like a dream come true. I have known this place from somewhere or someone. I have seen beautiful pictures of it on Facebook and Flickr. I was sure of a good adventure. 

So I laid down my pair of clothing, tied my hair in different hairstyles to know which hippie look would fit me! I even reminded myself to pick up the charger, first thing in the morning. I went to bed, fledged with hope of sandy beaches and cold waters. And as the night rushed to the morrow, and I woke up to the kind loving eyes of my mother. She caressed my forehead with her healing fingers and I told her something in a post dream state, I don’t remember the exact words, but I saw her smile and she cajoled me again. 

I rushed out of the bed, picked up my clothing, took a wash, packed everything. Camera, check,shawl,check,ipod,check,phone,check and I kept ticking everything in my mind. I was tensed rather excited. As we don’t have a car, we had to take a bus. It would be modest to travel in public transportation than travel in a car or bus. We had to change 3 buses in this course, I partially got my dress wet because I was unaware that my seat was soaked due to morning drizzles. It dried faster than I thought. We were dropped at a lonely bus stop with lazy eyed people and sleepy heads walking and scaling the road to start their sunday morning. We walked quite a distance with great ambition, determined to touch the tough sand. And then we saw it! The  infinite sea. 

It was beautiful. In fact, ‘breathtaking’. I constantly told myself it was going to be great. And we reached the spot and walked the embossed sand, and felt the rising sun on our faces. And ahead of the distance, the sand waves fell and the watery waves started. It went crashing onto the ever-wet gritstone. It did this repeatedly, maybe forever. We were the only two ladies on the beach. Other were half naked men, staring at us or practicing tough work outs. Then there were these fishermen who stared at me like, “Woah! A girl with a camera!” and carried on with their usual business. 

I soaked my feet in the water. It was not cold, nor hot. An expected amount of proportional salt mixed with half the dozens of feelings, just broke apart under my feet. I was not in tears, but in an eternal Nirvana. I watched its symphony, I reminded myself of beautiful moments in life. I felt happy. I knew it was not going to be temporal. I clicked random pictures, just pointless photo taking episodes. Times like these and I regret I don’t have a creative eye for things. I watched the sun go up, it was getting hotter, I didn’t want to leave though. But we eventually did. We once again walked till the bus stand, took an auto and made our way to another bus stand. My mother constantly reminded me of her ‘times’ when life was “oohh la la” for her. She travelled more than I did, and I am jealous of her! She told me that the value of an acre of land has increased tremendously in these years and she couldn’t believe how much a small town has changed into an attractive pitstop.

Monstrous IT companies have occupied this place and every where you turn you could see a tall building soaring against the sky. I had to admit, that it should be devastating to see the land you’ve once loved, change so abruptly into a monotonous capitalistic drama. Every trip is never complete without god, and as per my mothers wishes we took a bus and reached another different spot and took a soulful or lets say a crowded blessing from a faceless god. I really wanted to know why the sculpture was faceless.Yet, god is something that can never be discussed openly. I saw beautiful marigold garlands hanging outside of the temples. There is something about marigold fields that seem to be utterly dashing and yet creepy. They were eagerly waiting to be adorned by God. I wondered how ‘dead’ flowers can be offered to something so high and superior than all of us. 

We took a straight bus back to the city, once again passing through the high five innovations of a humdrum life, and wondered if we could ever fit ourselves into such posh categories. But its okay,we are happy in the comfortable mess we are in right now. Its a safe heaven to be true.

In conclusion, the road less travelled are the best ones there is. It is in these roads, that one often discovers what lies within. I don’t need huge groups of friends to explore a place or overflowing money from my pockets to pay and get things done. I am happy the way things are as long as I can take time with myself and with the people I love. Happy moments- Check. 🙂