Let’s capture the moment!

Photographs on a wall is the most coolest thing that one can ever adorn on their bedrooms. Thick frames, rounded corners, the smell of special adhesives, and a beaming face never grow  out-dated. Somehow I have lost my soul to black and white photography. When it comes to making these photographs into frames and hanging them on the wall, my mother just doesn’t think its a good idea. She says that the ‘wall will get too clumsy’. Maybe I want to prove her wrong. There is something about photographs. Something that brings back a thousand memories. A thousand words said once before just flash through mind. 

What I really do like about photographs is, its fineness. To capture a moment and let it last forever. I do miss those days when photographs were taken for mere memory. It gives so much pleasure flipping the pages of an albums, commenting on silly things,laughing at goofy poses and still being left teary-eyed at the end. If you’re an expert or an amateur in photography, you will know the refined detail the camera has offered to you. You will not question its exposure, or its lens flares. You will not care if it is hazy or hued. You will just plainly stare at its perfection. In this fast changing world, almost everything is made possible. Youngsters take up photography, go to expensive schools, buy fancy gadgets, open up facebook pages, and try to make their work ever so published in the world’s history books. But little do we all agree, that what is done out of pure passion and contentment, occupies a great space in our hearts.

Its always a competition. If you wanna be the best, you gotta defeat the best. We try ever so ardently to prove ourselves. Photographs are one such example. People just don’t stop with taking pictures. The post processing part of it, is what adds beauty to it. Of course so many thing can be edited, but the originality is lost. I don’t argue that I don’t do it. I would like to know if I can blatantly put it simpler than that.I have always admired vintage cameras. Something about them always makes me crave for an enchanting paragon. Its always that! The blurs of a 35mm or a 55mm with a f1.4 are always my favourite. I can dwell in its beauty like an ever ending well of spirit. I can journey through the stories it has to offer me. 

I can carry a Pentex 50mm or minolta or Olympus 42mm 1.2. I can take random pictures, and still not care about being noticed by people. I can prevent it from getting hit by a grilled railing or a huge basket. I can still capture the moment without having to worry about the light exposure or ISO or any other thing for that matter. 

There is always beauty in the old things. They never die out no matter how much you try to replace them for. May it be with people like Marilyn or Coco Channel or with things like vinatge camera or faded jeans 🙂

With the advent of new technologies and softwares like photoshop,lightroom and others, people have begun creating really surreal and beautiful things. But I would still prefer originality. Though it is hard to ask for,even in me.